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String/thread art and photo by Rachel Rodriguez
This brilliant string art depicts the artist’s disassociated personality. The central figure, surrounded a dark tunnel-like environment symbolizes her feelings of desperation resulting from estrangement from her homeland while trapped in a failed marriage. The three spirits are meant to depict the different personalities that she seamlessly morphs into to as a result her situation.
• The red spirit symbolizes her anger and aggressive side. It also captures her hyper-extrovert persona.
• The middle spirit represents the torment to a woman with swirling unanswered questions, multiple competing responsibilities in her life; children, work, family, music, art, and relationships.
• The blue spirit is her subdued side, where she lives in quiet desperation, coping with an uncertain future.

Queen Beneath King

Here, devour my spirit!

Expressed here is Rachel’s avenue of escape from a desperate existence,
a world of music (her savior) juxtaposed to the use of alcohol (her tormentor) resulting in a skewed horizon or reality.

The Three Tears
Self-presentation in this society sometimes are mask with three tears – frustration, belongingness and fear.
Though I may accomplish and virtually hide it but assume I’m not alone in this so-called defense mechanism.
A friend of mine once taught me something and it is to not be afraid to open up failures but only to those who can truly understand.

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